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The Korea Now Podcast

Oct 3, 2020

This episode of the Korea Now podcast features an interview that Jed Lea-Henry conducted with Sean King. They speak about the long running analogy and lessons that are drawn between German reunification and the hopes of Korean reunification, the origins and causes of each division, the impact and placements of these countries within the Cold War order, the degrees to which information and outside influence managed to permeate each country, the important geographical and other differences between East Germany and North Korea as well as between West Germany and South Korea, the different outlooks and ways in which they saw themselves within the global order, the differing ideologies that limit or allow easier pathways to reunification, the roles played by the Soviet Union and China, and importantly the prospects for Korean reunification and the lessons that are available from the German experience.

Sean King is a Senior Vice-President at the business advisory firm, Park Strategies, an Affiliated Scholar at the University of Notre Dame’s Liu Institute for Asia & Asian Affairs, and a former-Senior Advisor for Asia in the U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service (USFCS) within the United States Department of Commerce. (Sean King’s staff profile at Park Strategies:

* Korea Herald May 2012 letter to the editor (

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* Radio Brandenburg Berlin Wall (1961-89) historical video vignettes (

*** The Korea Now Podcast #41 – Sean King – ‘From Singapore to Vietnam - The Future of Summit Diplomacy’ (

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