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The Korea Now Podcast

Apr 7, 2019

This episode of the Korea Now podcast features an interview that Jed Lea-Henry conducted with Sean King. They speak about the recent American-North Korean summits in Singapore and Vietnam, the benefits and drawbacks of such diplomacy, how the landscape has changed in this regard under the Trump presidency, the challenges presented by a South Korean administration racing ahead with a low-level North-South confederation, the possibilities of achieving complete denuclearisation, the future of economic engagement with the regime in Pyongyang, the value and uses of sanctions, and the limitations imposed by North Korea’s ideological commitment to race-based nationalism.

Sean King is a Senior Vice-President at the business advisory firm, Park Strategies, an Affiliated Scholar at the University of Notre Dame’s Liu Institute for Asia & Asian Affairs, and a former-Senior Advisor for Asia in the U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service (USFCS) within the United States Department of Commerce. Previous talks on this topic by Sean can be found at:, and: (Sean King’s staff profile at Park Strategies:

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