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The Korea Now Podcast

Nov 20, 2019

This episode of the Korea Now podcast features an interview that Jed Lea-Henry conducted with Vladimir Tikhonov. They speak about Ethno-nationalism in Korea (Minjok), its origins in the pre-colonial period, how this concept is self-dated all the way back to ancient Joseon, the effect that Japanese colonialization had on this idea, how discrimination at this time help to create the perception of Koreanness, the impact that this had on the independence movement, how these notions of nationalism clashed with/were incorporated by Korean Marxism, the attempt by Marxists to also incorporate Korean Confucianism into their worldview, how the idea of the ethno-nation still survives and animates Korea today, and how all this played out through the rise and fall of the New Right Movement in the 2000’s.

Vladimir Tikhonov is a Professor of Korean Studies at the University of Oslo, and is a historian of Korean history, Korean nationalism and contemporary Korean society and politics. Vladimir received his PhD from Moscow State University, and went on to work and live in Korea for over fifteen years. Pertinent to this podcast, Vladimir is also the author of: ‘Demystifying the Nation: The Communist Concept of Ethno-Nation in 1920s– 1930s Korea’, ‘Modern View of Joseon 朝鮮 Confucianism: Overcoming the Modernist Biases Focused on the 1930s Marxist Interpretations of Sirhak 實學 Movement’, ‘The Rise and Fall of the New Right Movement and the Historical Wars in 2000s South Korea’, ‘Sin Ŏnjun (1904–1938) and Lu Xun’s Image in Korea: Colonial Korea’s Nationalist Transnationalism’ and ‘Pak Chonghong’s Philosophy : between Ethno-nation and Modernity, Subordination and Subjectivity’.


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