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The Korea Now Podcast

Nov 8, 2020

This episode of the Korea Now podcast features an interview that Jed Lea-Henry conducted with Leighanne Yuh. They speak about the tumult and geopolitical pressures within the Late-Choson dynasty, the growing influence of foreign powers, the forced opening of the country to international trade, the tensions between the old Confucian order and the need to rapidly reform, the motivations and concerns that led to the introduction of Western-style education, the reach and impact of the Kabo Reforms, and how deeply this change in education and outlook impacted the country during this period and into the Japanese colonial era.

Leighanne Yuh is an assistant professor in the Department of Korean History at Korea University and associate editor of the International Journal of Korean History published by the Centre for Korean Studies at Korea University. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses focusing on the Late Choson, early modern and modern periods. Her primary research interests include intellectual history, modern education and foreign relations in the late nineteenth century.

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