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The Korea Now Podcast

Apr 12, 2019

This episode of the Korea Now podcast features an interview that Jed Lea-Henry conducted with Alexander Dukalskis. They speak about the nature of authoritarian control inside North Korea, how social life is monitored through community groups, how the North Korean ‘justice’ system enforces social compliance, the role of the marketplace in the now-changing face of this control, the break with government that the famine years provided, and how – if at all – outside information, the new capitalist environment, the presence of corruption, and increasing levels of everyday disobedience are eroding the regime’s authoritarian hold.

Alexander Dukalskis is an Assistant Professor in the School of Politics and International Relations at University College Dublin, a former Lecturer at the University of North Carolina, and a former Visiting Scholar at Columbia University and the Berlin Social Science Centre. Alex has an academic focus on authoritarian states, transitional justice, Asian politics, and international human rights; and his book ‘The Authoritarian Public Sphere’, was published in 2017. You can follow Alex on Twitter @AlexDukalskis, or read his research in-depth at:

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