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The Korea Now Podcast

Mar 24, 2020

This episode of the Korea Now podcast features an interview that Jed Lea-Henry conducted with Erwin Tan. They speak about how to conduct research in the social sciences, the difficulty of conducting research on North Korea, the sensitivity of data that comes from primary sources, the difficulty of separating facts from analysis, source triangulation as a research strategy, chronological triangulation, perspective-based triangulation, methodological triangulation, the limitations of source triangulation, and importantly advice and guidance for young scholars looking to study North Korea.

Erwin Tan is an Associate Professor at the Graduate School of International and Area Studies, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, in Seoul, Republic of Korea. His research interests include security dilemma theory, US-North Korean interaction, security and diplomacy in East Asia, and strategic culture. He was a Visiting POSCO Research Fellow at the East West Center in 2016. Erwin is the author of ‘The US Versus the North Korean Nuclear Threat: Mitigating the Nuclear Security Dilemma’ (, and pertinent to this podcast he is also the author of ‘Source Triangulation as an Instrument of Research on North Korea’ (

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