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The Korea Now Podcast

Apr 6, 2020

This episode of the Korea Now podcast features an interview that Jed Lea-Henry conducted with Anders Riel Müller. They speak about the history of beef and cattle on the Korean peninsula, the historical movements and invasions that impacted this diet, the change and re-emergence of the industry during the Japanese colonial period, the role that beef played as a part of the developmental state under successive authoritarian Korean leaders, the central importance of ‘the farmer’ during the democratic movement, the significance of Minjung philosophy, the impact of trade liberalisation, the rebellion against this, the nationalism that formed around the beef industry, and the anti-American protests that resulted in the early-late 2000s.

Anders Riel Müller currently works at the University of Stavanger as head of the Smart City Research Network. His main research interest is to understand how development imaginaries/Imaginaries of economic progress shape relations of production and consumption. He has worked mostly on Korean agro-food politics and economic nationalism, South Korean aid narratives and New Nordic Cuisine. Anders is currently doing research on the relations between South Korean agrarian landscape imaginaries and political power. Pertinent to this podcast, Anders is the author of ‘The making of a food security crisis: overseas agricultural investments and nationalism in South Korea’ (, and his broader academic publications can be found at:, and

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